Vella is a FISAF-certified trainer. Not resting on her laurels, she is currently pursuing her ITEC Diploma in Sport Massage Therapy, to further increase the all-rounded and holistic service that E's FITNESS Professionals stand for.

Formerly a flight stewardess for over 20 years, she decided to pursue her passion for health and fitness. Vella adopts and embodies a total wellness approach in all aspects of her life, where she constantly studies to improve her knowledge in the many different areas of health and fitness, and puts them into practice as well. She practices meditation, and works on her inner energy.

To add to her skills, Vella has a certificate of completion of Life Coaching and trained as a Life Coach, where she is able to further aid her clients due to her care and ability to inspire them to achieve their goals.

During her spare time, Vella serves her community by engaging in volunteer work and trains for marathons.