Wedding Preparation

Your wedding is a momentous occasion where two souls solemnly vow to unite and love each other for the rest of their days. Let us help make it even more memorable by shaping you to look stunning gorgeous in that dazzling wedding gown, or charmingly dashing in that exquisitely tailored suit, as these are the moments that you will look back and remember for the rest of your life.

Marathon Preparation

Do you want significant progress in your personal best time for an upcoming marathon, half-marathon, 10k run or even a 5k run? Let the Fitness Professionals from E’s FITNESS customise a unique training program that will enhance any typical run-of-the-mill training.

Obstacle Race Preparation

Are you up for the challenges of the Spartan Race or the Commando Challenge, or any similar obstacle races? Whatever race you signed up for, let our Fitness Professionals be your comrade in conquering these challenges together.

Sports Conditioning

Football, rugby, triathlon, badminton, dragon-boating, boxing…? What’s your sport? Our Fitness Professionals can bring your game to the next level through specific sports-based training!

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