Nora has been a private Fitness Instructor since 2012. She is also a passionate sports trainer since 2012 and till today, she dedicates her time training our young FAS football team regularly. She is experienced in sports training for various competitive sports for both men and women, such as rugby, handball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, etc.

As a sports trainer, she trains and develops the team's fitness level and prevent further injuries. She also does rehab training for players with injuries and is currently pursuing a sports massage certification. She recently received her certification in FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program in 2015.

Nora's journey to fitness started with a Basic Exercise course back in 1999 and an NCAP Coaching course in 2009, both with Singapore Sports Council. With her knowledge and interest in sports injury, she did a Therapy Assistant course by HMI (Institute of Health Sciences) in 2009 and have worked with physiotherapists to provide physical therapy to patients with various injuries and medical conditions for 3 years before returning to the fitness industry full-time. 

She completed a Basic Sports Trainer course in 2012 since developing an even deeper passion for sports and rehab training, due to her experience as a Therapy Assistant.

In her free time, Nora spends time with her family in between work outs and reading up on injury prevention and treatment. She believes in educating herself to help others, as well as share her knowledge. Her goal is to be a sports rehab specialist.