Arie has always had a passion for health and fitness, with a focus on promoting healthy lifestyle habits. He started working out as a Fire Rescue Specialist with the SCDF, as he needed to be strong and agile to attend to emergencies. The rest, as they say, is history.

He embarked on his fitness journey by completing a diploma in Sports Science in 2012, to help him understand his body. His determination did not stop there. He recovered himself from slip disc and a fractured left wrist through strengthening, and soon enough, started a commitment on bodybuilding and his results have motivated many, having participated at the Nabba Grand Prix Bodybuilding Competition in 2015.

Arie is a dedicated personal trainer and enjoys exercising with like-minded friends and clients. He believes in educating himself constantly, to offer his clients better understanding of their body's ability and its potential. “With consistency and perseverance, one can achieve whatever they want in life. Success doesn’t come overnight.”

With a certificate in Sports Nutrition (ISSN), Arie likes to prepare tasty, balanced meals with his wife.