Gerald has always been overweight as a child and enjoyed his food. He eventually took up a Diploma in Baking and Culinary Science at Temasek Polytechnic to pursue his interest. While pursuing a passion for food, he discovered bodybuilding and powerlifting to gain strength, yet he ballooned up to 97kg by the time he graduated (2014), as he did not watch his diet! He was an obese recruit in Basic Military Training (BMT/NS) and dropped to a healthy 73kg before POP (within 5 months!). He saw the physical changes and was motivated to maintain weight and size while training to lift more for Powerlifting and subsequently Strongman, looking out for form, function and performance. He has maintained his weight below 80kg since.

He soon discovered his true passion and pursued an advanced Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science (2017). He is also a competitive Strongman and recreational Powerlifter. Gerald believes in working on form and function first and foremost, and the others will follow - strength, stamina, speed, fat loss and muscle gain. Gerald also believes that working out can be fun!

Outside the gym, Gerald plays the guitar and bass, and of course, cooks up a storm in the kitchen!