An active triple jumper for many years now, Dominique knows full well the importance of eating the right foods. She has experienced a drastic drop in her performance levels when she did not eat enough or when she ate the wrong things. In wanting to understand this anomaly better, she started to read a myriad of different books and articles on the subject of nutrition and its effects. To improve her knowledge even further, she sought certification. Thereafter, Dominique obtained a Diploma as a Nutritionist in Switzerland.
With all her knowledge and experiences, Dominique is dedicated to helping people nurture their happiness with the right foods. Studies have shown that there is a strong connection between one’s gut to the brain. Thus, feeding your body correctly will brighten your mood.
Dominique knows exactly what is necessary to succeed in maintaining a good diet and a balanced nutrition. Having worked as a Group Controller for arguably the biggest chocolate and cocoa manufacturer in the world for 5 years, Dominique understands the stresses and pressures to eat quick and unhealthy foods. It is imperative to inculcate good nutrition into one’s lifestyle. If your good food habits do not fit into your daily schedule, you will not be able to keep it up for long. Dominique believes that there is no one diet that fits everyone. It is an individually-balanced nutrition which is key to a long-lasting and healthy lifestyle.