More about me

Charlotte is a highly experienced Physiotherapist having graduated from Southampton University (UK) with a first class honours degree. She has worked in hospitals, private clinics and sports teams based in and around London, UK. Charlotte has also worked in the corporate setting as an in-house Physiotherapist for BNP Paribas.

Since arriving in Singapore in 2012 Charlotte has managed CJ Physiotherapy, a company predominately providing Physiotherapy in peoples homes. She has had GP, Orthopaedic Consultant and Personal Trainer referrals treating a wide range of conditions. Charlotte has helped CJ Physiotherapy expand to three additional locations; E's Fitness, Tanderra club in Dempsey and PhysicalAbuse Gym. 

As a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Charlotte has a wealth of knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle and joint problems and also in the training and retraining of muscles to bring them to their optimal potential. She aims to relieve your pain and empower you with a greater understanding of how your muscles and joints work, which in turn will both improve your performance and minimize the risk of injury. She believes in combining a professional and holistic approach to establish the underlying cause and consequently the cure of your pain.

As a marathon runner herself, she has a passion for treating running based injuries and has a strong understanding of the psychological implications of injury for athletes.

When not seeing clients Charlotte cherishes time with family and friends as well as trying to keep on top of her own fitness!