Beckie has always been active and fit since her schooling days, being a basketball player. She soon picked up dance and in the past 13 years, she's been choreographing and performing freestyle dance, such as hip hop, samba, salsa, Bollywood, etc. Having an interest in self defense, she has been practicing Muay Thai.

She was inspired by Instagram fitness models to take up weight training. She feels that women can be strong, fit and even sexy with some muscles. A mother herself, Beckie wants to educate other mothers that they can get fit and healthy. She is a strong advocate of health and fitness, keeping illness and chronic pain away through strengthening and good health habits. One will feel energised, confident and look youthful!

"Slow progress is still a progress. Never give up easily! Love and be a better version of yourself instead of comparing yourself to others."

Beckie is also a passionate trainer and trainee herself, having competed in various fitness physique contests, namely:

- Nutrigirl in 2016 (2nd runner up)

- Nabba Mortal Battle 2016 (2nd Placing for Bikini Model)

- Nabba Korea Asia Championship 2016 (top 15 competing with up to 30 korean contestants) 

- Nabba Grand Prix 2016 (1st place in Bikini Model,  2nd place in Bikini Model over 30 , 2nd place in Sports Model over 30)

When not training, she can be found sun tanning and roller blade at the beach, or at home reading.