E's FITNESS is a fitness community that cares. We believe in holistic approaches and engage only experts who are passionate and committed to improve lives with their skills and knowledge.

“Your Success is Our Success!” 

Our Logo


E’s FITNESS’ logo is an emblem of strength. The anonymous figure symbolises that it could be anyone who envisions being the best. The flexing of the bicep and the waving of the cape signifies the empowering of any particular person to go beyond what they believed difficult or impossible, no matter their condition, to show their mettle, and overcome those barriers. Encompassing this anonymous figure, is an emblem of a shield, manifesting one’s resilience in the immense effort put in. Lining this shield with the colour red, represents energy, desire and determination. Within the confines of this bridled passion is the colour gold, personifying compassion, love, and an innate desire to share wisdom and knowledge with others.

YOU, can be a symbol of strength for all to follow.

YOU, can bring warmth and energy to those around you.

YOU, can inspire others to dream, and achieve.

Our Motto


ENVISION the best possible version of yourself


EMPOWER yourself to become the best


ENERGISE those around you to follow your example